Parkview Community Foundation started as a "grass roots" after-school and summer program in 1994. Gwendolyn Johnson, a concerned and caring neighborhood resident, saw that the children in the neighborhood lacked adequate parental or other responsible adult guidance, supervision and protection from hazardous social environments. With no productive daily activities available to the children, many of them were involved with alcohol, drugs and criminal activity ranging from drug sales and

prostitution to breaking and entering and other forms of larceny. Without the benefit (at that time) of neighborhood or community support, Mrs. Johnson opened her own home to children, giving them a place to stay after school and offering them meals if they were unable to get a descent meal at their own place.

Within a short time up to ten children began to come to her house regulary for breakfast; except when they were in school, some even stayed with her through dinner, without their parent(s) ever checking on them. In 1997, Gwen moved the growing operation from her home into an abandoned house at 1100 Pryor Street, and the Parkview Community Foundation was incorporated. The IRS recognized Parkview's charitable section 501(c) status in 1998.

Our Mission

*To help the children of the Parkview community reach their individual full potential and be prepared for life and adulthood.

*By providing the children and youth of Parkview with an out-of-school time program that is (1) neighborhood-centered,(2) a high quality part of a focus on the whole family's economic and social well-being, and (3)based on a foundation of positive core values.

*In an environment that is (1) safe, (2) enriching, (3) supportive of good health habits, (4) nuturing, and (5) filled with hope and encouragement.

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